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Day: 0 „shopping and packing“

If you take a look at our packing list, you will quickly realize that we didn’t know what was coming up. Shortly before closing time, we were able to do all our shopping, which had the scale of the half-yearly needs of a large family. Looking back, I wish someone had given me the following tip earlier: „Dude, 20 rolls of toilet paper are way too much for one month. You can get toilet paper abroad, too!“.

Here is a listing of our luggage:
camping table, two foldable chairs, pop up tent, air mattress + pump, hammock, two pillows, blanket, two tent lights, two headlamps, three sleeping bags, camping cooker, five bags, clothing for two weeks, camera, camera drone, GoPro, tripod, speakers, Surface, 10 powerbanks, Nintendo Switch, a lot of cables Guitar, Monopoly, swimming gear, dumbbells, dishwashing gear, lots of food, even more snacks, sunglasses, contact lenses, energy drink powder and medicine.

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