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Day 12 „towed by the police“

This day was supposed to end in Portugal, but we didn’t make it that far. After a quick refuelling stop, 50 KM before the Portuguese border, our car didn’t start anymore. After phoning the ADAC, our parents and several other towing services without any success, we tried to get help at the gas station.
The employee was very kind and really tried to help us. He called several numbers, including the 112 „ambulance“, but whether the mechanics nor the ambulance (to the employee’s surprise ­čśÇ ) agreed to tow us. In the end, we were on our own. While thinking about opportunities, a police patrol pulled out a motorcycle and checked drivers. Saskia immediately went up to the police and saved our day, by organizing a towing truck to the nearest city (Vigo).
After finally dropping our car off at a mechanic, we quickly went to Burger King and ate at least 6 Burgers together, excluding dessert. Then the only problem left to solve was a camp for the night. After a quick search, we took a taxi to a camper rental, which was definitely not a camping site. After a 20-minute walk with 3 large bags each, we found a very small camp at the beach. After a short discussion with the camp owner, we could even stay there for free, if we agree to leave very early in the morning.

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